About Us

What we're all about !

iToks marks a remarkable journey into the current world of computer and technology. The company was established to provide assistance in development of certain software and tools for the rescue of operators, keeping in mind the reluctant menace offered by the technological market. We objectify to be a software growth and development company, committed to providing best assistance and solutions, in-depth know-how and customized offerings related to our software’s.

Our deeds and prolific offerings have made us the most preferred online software development company for residential, economical and professional environmental requirements, and we try to maintain our goodwill by offering them what they require, keeping in mind the commercial needs and boundaries. Our commitment is to administer a bickering-free and in-convenience assistance services to our respective clients and cater our plans according to their needs. Our software supports your operating systems to run fast, covering up every file and data on a secured perimeter and providing a clean environment for the system to work. We have dedicated our concentration into developing some software that accomplishes every stage and provide top-notch solutions for all your needs and requirements. Our developers design, craft and maintain the necessities of software we provide on a global basis.

One Stop Solutions

The wide range of service offerings is brand-agnostic.

A One stop Place for many customer’s technology support needs. Customers can rely on us to address many of their technical support needs and avoid the complexities of working with multiple support providers associated with each individual device or software application they purchase.

Engage Customers, Automate Tech Support, and Generate New Revenue